Since inception in late 2011, Silvieras has focused on small numbers of high quality breeding stock. Located in Inverell, Northern NSW, we are a dedicated family situated in an open rural environment. We aim to produce dogs that are structurally sound whilst still maintaining appeal and style. 

All dogs are part of our loving family as temperament is a trait we will not compromise on. We aim to breed select litters of quality puppies, suitable for both show and companion animals.

We have chosen the Tenterfield Terrier as we value their outgoing yet loyal nature. Breeding socially balanced and healthy pups that will adapt well to new environments is a key breeding objective of ours. We hope that a happy, caring preparation will allow our pups to fit into your family as well as they do ours.

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Helen Berecry
Inverell, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0439301154
Email : [email protected]

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